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Best Beat Selling Websites 2019 | Ranked By Traffic And Features

When it comes to finding the best beat selling websites, a site can have all of the best features in the world. However, that won’t matter much if the site doesn’t bring in enough traffic from potential beat buyers so that you can make a good amount of sales.

There are other factors that contribute to how successful you will be in selling tracks on each particular site, but when taking human error aka yourself out of the equation, only one thing matters…TRAFFIC!


The Candidates know as

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All Data Updated January 12th 2019.

Each color represents a site, as you can see under the domain heading in the picture below.

Best beat selling websites for 2019

Best beatselling websites bar chart countries 2019The Rankings






The winner for most traffic –

Beatstars ranks number one for the best beat selling websites to sell your beats when it comes to traffic volume! Be sure to visit the follow up to this article at the end of the article. We will discuss why we love Beatstars over all of the other beat selling websites. We’ll go under the hood and break down the features of each beat selling service.

Beatstars is growing extremely fast, and the company has been really on top of their SEO efforts. They rank top 3 on the google search engine for the most popular searches like hip hop beats, rap beats, pop beats, country instrumentals, buy beats. Beatstars has only been around for 5 Years, and Soundclick has been around for 20. Beating out Soundclick in just a 4th of the time that Soundclick has been around, is an amazing feat for Beatstars!

2nd Place –

For the past 20 years, Soundclick has been the go-to site for most of the percentage of people buying beats online, but the site’s traffic has been suffering in the past couple of years due to them not keeping up with the rapidly increasing mobile trend. Soundclick doesn’t put much effort into Google SEO either, so it doesn’t even rank on the first page of any of the most popular keywords mentioned earlier.

This is extremely bad for producers who spend money to promote there, because when a singer types in “buy beats,” nothing from SoundClick pop up on googles front page.

It’s still a great place to sell beats, but your marketing dollars will go further on Beatstars considering the ads are cheaper, and they rank at the top of google search for the most  popular beat finding keywords, and Soundclick doesn’t even rank on the first page

Soundclick does rank a little better for most popular keywords searches in yahoo/bing search than it does on google. However, considering that Google controls 65 percent of search and Yahoo controls only 33 percent,  if a site isn’t ranking in the top of the google search then it’s missing out on more than half of all search volume in the world!


3rd Place – is in the same boat as SoundClick when it comes to reasons for declining traffic. Poor SEO efforts and little to no paid keywords prevent the site from showing up on the first page of google for most popular beat buying keyword searches.

The site does offer a really great browsing experience while using a mobile device, unlike SoundClick so no traffic loss in that department.


4th Place

This site is hardly worth mentioning, but we felt should because at one point it was becoming popular in the beat selling and beat buying community. It doesn’t even rank in the first 20 pages of google  for “buy beats.”

5th Place –

This is another site to sell beats on that we didn’t really feel like it was worth mentioning, but it is a beat selling service, so we included it. It does rank in the top 20 pages of google unlike, but it doesn’t have any substantial data for any other countries besides the United States. We wouldn’t recommend this service for anyone trying to make a living from selling beats online.


Now let’s take the winners of the top websites ranked by traffic and rank them by usability features that make the most impact on beat sells

Contender #1

SoundClick, aka THEE Pioneer of online beat sales. In 1997, it began paving the way for all musicians to be able to sell their beats online. That said, One would assume that they would be the most feature packed platform but it is quite the opposite.

Soundclick is slow to update its platform. When we say slow we mean about 10 years for a site in feature makeover that keeps it current with today’s beat selling integrations.

In mid-2017, the long-awaited finally arrived.  Many producers were waiting for a big update to redeem itself from the stereotype very common among producer who used to make a good income on the site “ SoundClick is dead”

What one word could best describe the update? Letdown. Almost 10 years of anticipation and far too many things are still left to be desired


Soundclick is the 2nd most expensive site to advertise your beats on, and the fact that it’s not the highest ranking website in the search engines makes spending your promo dollars with SoundClick even less beneficial than it already is.

Some sites offer a special kind of built-in promotion. When the producer sells a beat the site has an algorithm that pushes the beat that was sold towards the top of the genre chart position. The more revenue a beat brings in, the higher it sits in the charts.

We hope we didn’t get your hopes up by seeming to elude to SoundClick now offering this feature because sadly it doesn’t.

Also, SoundClick has changed the promotion banners where a producer could have his banner seen

At the top of the site away from all the other producers’ promotions. Now banner ads have been replaced with sidebar promotion spots which appear alongside other producers promotion spots
With the new update most of us music producers just New that sound play would finally make a promotions schedule calendar so you can purchase and schedule your promotions more than one day at a time.

Trapped In The Past

It feels like you’re still in year two thousand and late (2008) having to go on the site day in and day out buying and checking on your promotion

No new genre categories added. For instance, if you make an acoustic instrumental, country music instrumentals, neo-soul, or a beat that is R&B but pop, or hip-hop but R&B, you will have no sub-genre to place these type of specific beats.

The bulking editing has been upgraded. If you want to make a change to a genre, download option, hashtags, retire/activate, copyright, price and/or description, you can do this to your whole music catalog at once. This was a much-needed upgrade and surely a much-appreciated upgrade for all the producers that use the site.

One of the biggest improvements for producers workflow and also for customers satisfaction is the implementation of auto delivery.

Producers no longer have to make sure they are never too far away from their computer to send a beat after purchase, and buyers no longer have to make sure the producer is nearby his computer to send their beat after purchasing. Almost all websites nowadays have auto delivery.

SoundClick fails terribly again in this area. Absolutely no auto delivery. If you want auto delivery you will have to sign up with BeatStars or Airbit.  That will cost an extra$20 a month for unlimited beat uploads.  Tack on another $10 a month for a VIP account  thats a must. Without a vip account, you won’t be able to set up a professional looking layout.

SoundClick is not self-sustainable since a user still needs to sign up for another platform for auto file delivery. It can’t compete in a marketplace where instant gratification is expected.

We hate to say it, we really do but SoundClick’s long-awaited upgrade was more of a downgrade

Not to say that anyone still can’t bring in a steady monthly income using SoundClick, it’s one of the best beat selling websites. It’s just a lot more difficult than it used to be.

Contender #2 (Formerly known as MyFlashStore)

About 10 years ago, Airbit set the standard for auto delivery. It auto-fills out contracts for every type of license that a seller has available, and automatically delivers it to them, along with the file of the beat they purchased. This allows the producer to be on complete autopilot while still providing the buyer with everything they need.


The promotion is very limited. It offers 1 type of promotion where it puts On the homepage of the site and it is random as every time the page loads. This can be viewed as a good thing or a bad thing. If it were set up with a first come first serve basis whoever buys the promo spot first would be in the top spot, but with the way they have it set up now you have to be thrown in the mix with every other producer that has paid to promote their beat.

At least you get to have your beat shown. Some sites are so booked that you don’t even get a chance to promote, or you have to book the promo spot a month or more in advance.

Some other downsides to the promo are that you can only promote one beat per day, and you have to book a minimum of seven days. So at $20 a day which is with the promo cost, you have to spend a minimum of $140 just to even experiment with or test the promotion on Airbit. That’s pretty expensive considering it ranks lost in traffic

While Airbit does offer some reward with beats sells affecting the beats chart position, it isn’t as beneficial as other websites. But at the end of the day, the more you sell, the more you will be seen on the Airbit site. The genre variety that air bit offers is completely amazing. It has so many uncommon genres It may push your creativity to create beats to get into those genres

The bulk editing features are really nice, just as you would expect as a standard feature for a modernized beat selling website

Contender #3

BeatStars is like the newborn baby brother of the 3 sites we are comparing. It only officially began in 2016. One of the newest beat sites in the market. Does that mean that BeatStars have a lot of catching up and learning to do to be on the level of its older brothers?


All promotions are purchased with credits which can be purchased in increments of $25, $50, $100,$200

Sometimes these promotion credits go on sale for half off. This gives producers the opportunity to stock up on credits to be able to them anytime. Even years later if you wanted! This is a huge advantage! No other site offers promo credits.

Promotions are purchased by selecting the date you want from the monthly calendar. There are numerous slots available that you can book. You can schedule promotions 11 months in advance which is great.

BeatStars limits the daily spending limit to 120 credits to give everyone a fair chance at getting promo spots. It could be seen as an advantage or disadvantage.  The good thing is it prevents the top-earning producers from running a promotion monopoly on the site, buying all promo spots available month after month.

Promotions spots start at only $2 a day for smaller genres. This can put you at the Number one spot for that genre. BeatStars provides the best bang for the buck for promotion. You pay for the spot and not for “fake stats” that will only boost you to a slightly higher and higher position each day hoping to reach number one. That is how some other sites do, but we won’t name names. It’s basically payola.

BeatStars also has all of the bells and whistles one can expect in its bulk editing features, leaving virtually nothing to be desired in that area.

Genre options are very diverse. BeatStars lets you chose a secondary genre for each one of your beats. That makes it even more diverse than Airbit.


One really unique and amazing feature that BeatStars offers is distribution payouts. This is where you select your whole library and submit it to YouTube monetization and also for Soundcloud monetization. Look forward to automatic monthly PayPal deposits from Beatstars.

Another really unique feature it allows buyers to submit negotiations for beats. You can set a minimal amount so buyers can’t constantly low ball you. This may seem like a disadvantage as you may think that since the site allows negotiation, that buyers will never want to pay you full price. This may turn out to be the case with a few repeat customers, but where this feature really shines is with bundle deals.

The customer is able to create bundle deals and you can approve or counter their negotiation with a price that is more acceptable for you. Its also a huge time save from answering all the emails producers get that goes something like this; “I’m a starving artist and I don’t have much money. What’s the least I can purchase this lease for?” With negotiations, they name the price and you press or accept or counter. No back and forth conversation with customers who sometimes aren’t even serious about buying.

Sometimes getting $5-$10 off of purchase can be the deal breaker for the customer. At the end of the day, you will sell a lot more beats with this feature. Have no doubts about that.

There are many more amazing feature that are exclusive to the BeatStars platform. For the sake of your time, we won’t go in depth on them. Here a list  of the top 3 additional features for BeatStars

1. Multiple Custom Players – You can make a player that will only display a playlist you’ve created. For example “clearance beats” “pop beats” “newest beats”. You can then use an embedding code to place the player on your site.

2. Memberships – Create monthly memberships where customers can sign up for a price that you set. They’ll be able to download a specific number of beats, albums, or sound kits that you set you set.

3. Pro Page – No need to build a separate website for your beat selling business. With BeatStars pro page, you can automatically turn your existing beat catalog and licensing option into a full webpage. BeatStars even sells affordable premade webpage designs. Pro Page needs its own dedicated article explaining all of its amazingness.



With the company having the best search engine ranking in addition to the most advanced features for usability for beat sellers, BeatStars is without a doubt the best place to sell beats online.


Airbit comes in 2nd place, but it’s not a close win. With just some improvements to their promotion features and Seo efforts, Airbit could possibly give BeatStars a run for their money


Coming in last place is the grandfather of beat selling websites, SoundClick. SoundClick will have to make many improvements to climb back to the top.


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 Hopefully, our research on the best beat selling websites was helpful to every producer in the online beat selling community.



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