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Do you need radio quality, Billboard Hot 100 quality beats, but your budget  doesn’t allow for you to work with the current top producers  like Diplo, Zedd, Skrillex, and Max Martin?

We can provide you with that sound for just a tiny fraction of the price.

Bach Beats has been producing pop beats for 15 years, and has even worked alongside some of the top producers in Los Angeles, learning all of the production secrets that make a hit song a hit song.

When you buy pop beats online Bach Beats, you can rest assured that the music you’re buying has to the ability to compete on the same playing field as all of the top hits in modern pop music today.

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“When I first found the site, I almost closed the page because they cost a little more and I have a toddler who eventually wants to go to college. I quickly began to notice, though, that you get what you pay for. You can buy good beats for less money – then you will only have a good song that people like. If that is your goal, go for it. However, if you want to move people. If you want people to love your music so much that they pass it along to their friends. If you want to stand out – it’s worth that little more of an investment to go from good to “holy crap, I love this song!”


 “While searching BeatStars.com I found a lot of other tracks that were incredible from other producers. However, there was no room for vocals. I’ve tried recording to couple of them, and I basically have to use high-pass EQ (radio voice) to cut through the over-production. Bach Beats tracks are produced with the vocalist in mind. Once you have good melodies, there is no crazy manipulation you have to do in Pro-Tools to be heard clearly.”    Jason D.