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Download country music beats produced in the styles of today’s chart-topping artists. We produce Sam Hunt-type beats, along with Morgan Wallen, Bluegrass, Florida Georgia Line, Dustin Lynch, Kane Brown, Dylan Scott, Luke Combs-type beats, country pop beats, country rock beats,urban country instrumental beats and many more!

We pride ourselves on producing authentic-sounding country background music. A lot of the country instrumentals you find online are made with rap artists in mind.  You’ll have a hard time connecting to them on an emotional level.

Bach Beats uses real live guitars, drums, banjos, and mandolins, slide guitars, in addition to other instruments. As a result, you get instrumentals that have that real human touch element. That’s what most of the country instrumentals available for purchase online are missing.

Take a listen and hear the difference with Bach Beats

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“I was going through this huge writers block and I just hadn’t written music in a year or so. I just didn’t write any good music. While searching on SoundCloud, I came across his country beat and it was just beautiful. Right off the bat when I heard it, lyrics just started flowing through my head and it actually inspired me to write one of my favorite original songs up to this day. I still perform it live and i have this beat accompanying me in the background.


“Beats are very affordable and worth every penny if not’s just the kind of music that you can’t find anywhere else”



Help Us Improve The Country Instrumentals For You


When you think of country music instrumentals, what do you think of? What sound do you first hear in your head? Is it 90s country, early Dolly Parton type instrumentals, or modern country instrumentals like the ones used to make the top music that you hear when you turn on country and pop radio today?


No matter what the sound is, we want to help you achieve that sound that you’re looking for when it comes to country instrumentals. We want to be able to provide a wider variety of styles of country instrumentals by listening to our fans and supporters.


We are introducing a suggestion box where you can drop in anything that has to do with country in it. If you would like to hear a certain type of instrument, song, artist, or any type of country instrumental, type in the suggestion box. 


For example, if you want to hear more country instrumentals like Morgan Wallen’s first album, you can type into the box “Morgan Wallen if know me album”, or early Luke combs style country instrumental. If it’s a certain country song you would like to hear something similar just type in the artist and song in the box. You could also suggest things like “country version of u got it bad by usher”. We won’t make a cover of Usher-u got it bad, but we’ll keep it in mind while making new country instrumentals and let it influence the production process.


We would also appreciate suggestions on the production process of our instrumentals. If you hear anything in our country instrumentals that you think could use improvement, whether it be song structure, sound selection, guitar tones, music theory, or anything you can think of, please let us know.


If there are old country songs that you love and would like to hear something similar to it, but with a more modern-sounding style to it, you can type them into the suggestion box. 

The suggestion box is not a replacement for having a custom country track produced just for you. There is no guarantee that the country instrumental that you put in a suggestion for will be produced. Also, any beats that we make will be placed on the site for sale, so if you would like custom beats, click HERE to see how that works.