Best Beat Selling WebSites 2017 Ranked By Traffic

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Best Beat Selling WebSites 2017 Ranked By Traffic

A beat selling website can have all of the best features in the world,  but that won’t  matter much if the site doesn’t bring in enough traffic from potential beat buyers so that you can make a good amount of sales.

There are other factors that contribute to how successful you will be in selling tracks on each particular site, but when taking human error aka yourself out of the equation, only one thing matters…TRAFFIC!

The Candidates know as

The Data

All Data Was Generated Using SEMrush

All Data For The Of August of 2017 unless marked otherwise.

Each color represents a site, as you can see under the domain heading in the picture below.

The Rankings






The Conclusion

The winner –

Beatstars is the best site to sell your beats when it comes to traffic volume. In an upcoming blog, we will discuss why we love beatstars over all of the other beat selling sites, going under the hood and breaking down the features of each beat selling service.

Beatstars is growing extremely fast, and the company has been really on top of their SEO efforts. Beatstars ranks number 1 in google search for the most popular searches like pop beats, country instrumentals, and in the top 5 for the most popular searched keywords like buy rap beats, hip hop beats, rap beats, buy beats, buy beats online.

Beatstars has only been around for 5 Years, and Soundclick has been around for 20. Beating out Soundclick in just a 4th of the time that Soundclick has been around, is an amazing feat for Beatstars!

2nd Place –

For the past 20 years, Soundclick has been the go-to site for most of the percentage of people buying beats online, but the site’s traffic has been suffering in the past couple of years due to them not keeping up with the rapidly increasing mobile trend. Soundclick doesn’t put much effort into Google SEO either, so it doesn’t even rank on the first page of any of the most popular keywords mentioned earlier.

This is extremely bad for producers who spend money to promote there, because when a singer types in “buy beats,” nothing from SoundClick pop up on googles front page.

It’s still a great place to sell beats, but your marketing dollars will go further on beatstars considering the ads are cheaper, and they rank at the top of google search for the most  popular beat finding keywords, and Soundclick doesn’t even rank on the first page

Soundclick does rank a little better for most popular keywords searches in yahoo/bing search than it does on google. However, considering that Google controls 65 percent of search and Yahoo controls only 33 percent,  if a site isn’t ranking in the top of the google search then it’s missing out on more than half of all search volume in the world!

3rd Place – is in the same boat as SoundClick when it comes to reasons for declining traffic. Poor SEO efforts, and little to no paid keywords prevent the site from showing up on the first page of google for most popular beat buying keyword searches.

The site does offer a really great browsing experience while using a mobile device, unlike SoundClick so no traffic loss in that department.

4th Place

This site is hardly worth mentioning, but we felt should because at one point it was becoming popular in the beat selling and beat buying community. It doesn’t even rank in the first 20 pages of google  for “buy beats.”

5th Place –

This is another site to sell beats on that we didn’t really feel like it was worth mentioning, but it is a beat selling service, so we included it. It does rank in the top 20 pages of google unlike, but it doesn’t have any substantial data for any other countries besides the United States. We wouldn’t recommend this service for anyone trying to make a living from selling beats online.

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